Cold Green Plant, 2022



Cold Green Plant


30 min


Image: Photographed by In Hyuk Song

Video: In Hyuk Song


Solo Exhibition - 2022

SeMA Bunker, Seoul, Korea


<Cold Green Plant> indicates performances that display dynamic aspects of plants, which move intensely with strong instincts for survival, in an enlarged way. Two performers imitate plants’ movements in the deep sea by wearing wearable sculptures in dark green color, like seaweed. They move as sculptures and can be in a stationary state only temporarily. They swim in the exhibition center while being constantly restructured and expanded. Swimming of performers reflects the process of contemplating the interface of binary oppositions, such as that between people and nature, machines and organisms, materials and non-materials, and purebred and crossbred beings, and learning their survival strategies.


<차가운 녹색 식물>은 생존을 위해 치열하게 움직이면서 강한 본능을 가지고 행동하는 식물의 역동성을 확대하여 보여주는 퍼포먼스 작업이다. 두 명의 퍼포머들은 해초와 같이 어두운 녹색빛을 띤 ’입을 수 있는 조각‘을 착용하여 심해 식물들의 움직임을 모방한다. 그들은 다양한 지식 체계와 실천 속에서 여러 존재와 기호를 획득하며 시간의 규칙이 적용되지 않는 무수한 겹의 세계를 보여준다.