Ahree Song

Born in 1984 in Seoul, South Korea

Ahree Song is a Korean contemporary artist. She received a BFA (2010) and an MFA (2015), both in sculpture from Seoul National University. In 2017, She moved to the United States, earning an MFA in fine arts from School of Visual Arts, New York (2019). Her varied practice explores the moment when matters or environments are changed through non-natural means. In 2009, Ahree was awarded a Presidential Award in South Korea. Her works are housed in the Seoul National University and Daekyo Culture Foundation in the South Korea and have been reviewed in CNB Journal, The Joong Ang Ilbo, The Kukmin Ilbo and The Chosun Ilbo, among others. Ahree’s work has been the focus of solo presentations at the CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea (2019); Rund Gallery, Seoul, Korea (2019); Gallery Doll, Seoul, Korea (2020). Her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions, including those at the Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul (2010); Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul (2012, 2013, 2015); Korean Cultural Center, Washington, DC, NW, US (2020).

Curriculum Vitae 


Ph. D., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea



M.F.A., School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, US


M.F.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


B.F.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea 

Solo Exhibitions


Ahree Song, All That Curating, Seoul, Korea

Winter Estuary, Gallery Doll, Seoul, Korea


Fall Is a Relatively Free Movement, Rund Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

Contained Time, CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea

3 Person Exhibitions 


True and False, Korean Cultural Center, Washington, D.C.,NW, US

Group Exhibitions







Art Interview Pair, Sueno 339, Seoul, Korea

Now That’s What I Call Love!, DCTV, New York, NY, US

New Media ArtCICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea

Made in NY 2019, Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY, US

76th Regional Exhibition, Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY, US

Contained Memory, SVA Flatiron Gallery, New York, NY, US

The Future of Food, Usagi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, US

Utility, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, US

Satellite Art Show18 NW 14th Street, Miami, FL, US

Small Works Show440 GalleryBrooklyn, NY, US

LIC Arts Open Fall SalonThe Factory, Long Island City, NY, US

People's Choice Show, Greenpoint GalleryBrooklyn, NY, US

5gamdoSejong Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

The Young Artists Exhibition, KOSA Space Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Open Call, WooSuk Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Danwon Art Festival, Danwon Art Gallery, Ansan, Korea

From Liberation Day to the PresentIndependence Hall, Cheonan, Korea

Good Morning Gwanghwamun (the 9th Gwanghwamun International Art Festival)Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea


JW Young Art Award, Gong Pyung art gallery, Seoul, Korea

Archive, WooSuk Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Art Preview & Portfolio Show, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea

Korea Erotica, The Museum of Sex & Health, Jeju, Korea

We Are Going To Gwanghwamun (the 8th Gwanghwamun International Art Festival)Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

Claim New Territories of Seoul CityUnofficial Preview Gallery, Seoul, Korea

New thinking, New art, Lee Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea


I will survive (Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Young Artists Exhibition), Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul, Korea


National University and Graduate School Student Sculpture Contest, Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea

ASYAAF (Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival), Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, Korea

Crown & Haitai Modeling Competition, Artvalley Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Emerging Artists of the Year, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea



The Hugging Field, collaboration with The Thread Mag, New York, NY, US

​Awards & Grants


Manhattan Award, Art Takes Manhattan, New York, NY, US

MFA Fine Arts Award, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, US


2nd Place, Art Room Gallery, New York, NY, US

MFA Fine Arts Award, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, US


Lecture & Research Scholarship, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Excellence Award, Ansan Cultural Foundation, Ansan, Korea

SNU Development fund Scholarship, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

The Korean Federation of Arts & Culture Society Award, GIAF Organizing Committee, Seoul, Korea 


Young Art Award, JW-Group, Seoul, Korea

Lecture & Research Scholarship, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Art Actor Prize, Korean Fine Arts Association, Seoul, Korea

Honoree, The Museum of Sex & Health, Jeju, Korea

Superior Academic Performance, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


Excellence Award, Daekyo Culture Foundation, Seoul, Korea

Silver Medal, Crown Haitai Hoildings, Seoul, Korea


Presidential Award, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Superior Academic Performance, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Daekyo Culture Foundation, Seoul, Korea



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Online Publications 




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Visiting Instructor, Art Workshop, Museum of Art in Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Work Experiences


Teaching Assistant, Digital Sculpture, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, US

Teaching Assistant, Sculpture, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, US


Teaching Assistant, Sculpture, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea