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그것이 바로 진짜 사랑! 

Now That’s What I Call Love!

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그것이 바로 진짜 사랑!

DCTV, 뉴욕, 미국  

 2019. 5. 17 - 2019. 5. 26

Now That’s What I Call Love!

DCTV, New York, NY, US

May 17 – May 26, 2019

Taking inspiration from the iconic musical compilations, "Now That’s What I Call Love!" proposes the 2019 MFA Fine Arts thesis exhibition as a mixtape, a collection of love songs by wildly diverse artists working with unique forms, approaches and emotional undertones. Among the most pronounced interests of this class are the desire for connection, tenderness and mutual understanding; and conversely, alienation, distancing and miscommunication.

Some artworks included are earnest about their affections, demonstrating a love of materiality and form, geography or personal history. Some are more skeptical, discussing the traps of seduction, the tenuousness of meaning and the necessary distance criticality can provide in preventing us from over-associating with images. Yet others propose ways of using art to create communities around empathy and shared experience. Approaching art and art-making within the framework of love is a good way to orient the inheritance of an art education: toward one’s sense of what is important and within a community that can help to contextualize it.

Featured artists:

Ahree Song, Arantxa Rodríguez, Bayin Jiang, Bianca Lott, Collette Tompkins, Dana Robinson, Eliza Boyer, Ferguson Amo, Heming Zhang. Hera HaeSoo Kim, Jiayun Shi, Jieun Kim, Jihyun Han, Juan Leonardo Bravo, Latefy Dolley, LeeHo Yoo, Marianna Peragallo, Markus Holtby, Megan Wirick, Michelle Girardello, Min Ding, Owen Keogh, Oxana Kovalchuk, Pei-ling Ho, Ridhima Mukim, Sadia Fakih, Shannon Stovall, William Patterson, Wushuang Tong, Yam Chew Oh, Young Min Koh, Zachary Thompson and Zitong Zhu.

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